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Get hip to artist 1504! He is a well polished Hip-Hop artist, he knows the business, and he is blowing up!
Where did you grow up?
The not so nice, streets of Pine Bluff, Arkansas . Other wise known as Crime Bluff

What influenced you to get into music?
The freedom of expression through verbal visualization, all the greats I grew up on sang songs or spit poetry that was so cold, you could damn near see what they were speaking about. I was hooked from day one as a kid, my Mom's and Pop's would throw parties for the hood back in the day, and each song took me deeper than the next. As I got older, I just had a burning desire in me to try and do it like they
did it, at least once and see how it goes. Long story short, I'm still here, with a few fans who pay to hear me do like I do and i love 'em for it.  My music is about what I, and many like me have had to witness growing up in a poverty stricken ghetto, over soulful beats with sometimes comedic metaphors.

What is your earliest memory of Hip-Hop?
Thinking of a master plan, Erick B & Rakim, Grand Master Flash, Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC,
KRS-1, rushing home from school, just so I could hear them or see whatever show they were on.

How did 1551 Entertainment get started?
I spent almost 10 yrs working for, and with other labels, and overtime began to see how they were mishandling business deals on top of making bad decisions, that had implications on our lives and financial situations. I took the positive parts of the game I learned from loss, and remixed it, then decided it was time for me to do this on my own, which as it turns out, was the best thing I've ever done since I started.

Where do you record?
Mainly in Little Rock Arkansas, at B.M.P. studios, a privately run joint by some real OG's in this State, who trust and love my music, and our grind.

What producers have you worked with?
Cat's like Greg Bradley, J. Haynes, G. Hudson, C.Willis, Temoljia The Director, Amal Shakur Robinson, Mike Brown and my partner big Twan A.D. Wilburn, from Pine Bluff as well.

Do you do many live shows?
As of the last 2 yrs, 1551 has had an artist performing locally and out of state almost every week.
Since the release of my new one last week, we already have 9 lined up down south for this month alone.

What is your latest project?
Convicted4Thought, featuring a very special guest appearance by the legendary Big Mike, formerly of the Geto Boyz, on my new single "All Alone", 13 of the best tracks I've ever done.

What music do you listen to in your private time?
Al Green, Lyfe Jennings, Anthony Hamilton, Latimore, Rakim, Tupac, Foxx-A-Mil, Big Mike, 3-2, Bobby Brown, Luther Vandross, James Ingram, UGK and a select few other cats of that same vibe.

What can we expect from you in the future?
A greatest hits album, possibly more features from my new Texas crew, some creative and refreshing videos, hopefully a few more hits on your blog and another interview (hint), seriously though the best is yet to come, so keep your eyes and ears open because this is nonstop style over here, "knowhatimtalkinbout?" Thank ya'll for doing what you do and giving underground cats like myself a bigger platform to be heard and seen on! 'Preciate that!