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Cheryl "Salt" Wray

I have always been a fan of Salt-N-Pepa, and I was thrilled to know that I would be able to interview one half of this iconic group! Cheryl Wray has had an amazing career and she is still going strong with a new Salt-N-Pepa album possibly on the way!

Is there a ton of unreleased Salt-N-Pepa music from the early days that just didn't make the cut at the time?  I wouldn't say a ton but most definitely a few. 

When the group released "Black's Magic" you were on Next Plateau, but when the next CD was released, you were on London Records/Polygram. What was the reason the group left Next Plateau? Especially since "Black's Magic" was a Platinum Album.  The success of the group became too big for a independent label, we needed more muscle and the owner of Next Plateau got a mint. 

Whatever happened to your unreleased solo album "Salt Unwrapped"? Will that ever be released?  I never released it, not sure why, I couldn't get a gospel label to help me. After I tried a few times, I guess I just let it go not knowing what to do with it. Now I think I'd have to revamp it. One day timing is good now. People ask me that a lot and where is my book. I'm working on the book as we speak. My Face Book family gives me a lot of feed back. I love you guys. 

On Black's Magic you started being more involved in the production of some of the songs. What equipment were you using then to produce?  Oh wow, good question. SP1200, MPC60 I believe it's been a long time, Expression was my first, and it was a platinum single. Crazy! I cried when I found out. 

Having other artists do features on a song is pretty common these days. Besides Kid N Play there were not too many guest spots on your albums. Looking back, are there any artists you wished you would have done a song with?  Lauren Hill for sure. I wish she'd come back, Hip Hop needs her. Most artists stayed clear of us, not sure why, I used say the name of our group should have been the outcasts. I think we were considered pop when pop was not popular. Now everyone wants to be pop. 

Do you enjoy doing Reality TV or is it not really for you?  Doing the reality show was a challenge for me, I'm a pretty private person. It's hard because in reality it's difficult to keep it real, if you know what I mean. I had to fight tooth and nail to keep the integrity of the show, and make it meaningful. I think we accomplished that. It helped heal me and Pep's relationship. 

Is the group still recording a new CD for this year?  We have about 12 songs, not sure once again how we will be putting it out. So this year god willing a way is made 

For new music, do you still go to a major studio to record, or do you have a private home studio with Pro Tools?  Major studios are obsolete, it's so much easier that everything can be done by computer. I have a studio at home. 

After recording all these years and being in and out of a studio, would you say that you could easily run a recording session yourself including mixing? Or do you still get the help of an engineer?  I'm not technically inclined. I record myself but I need an engineer to mix. Fo Sho. 

Finally, what are you listening to now in your private time?  I listen to Israel and New Breed Life in South Africa. I believe we have to self encourage, and gospel helps me keep a positive attitude. I also love Anthony Hamilton , The Point of it All, because I can listen straight through no album cuts. He has a sincere and soothing voice, reminds me of the older cats. Real love songs.

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