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It you have not heard of him then now is the time to get hip!
What is the Hip-Hop scene like in Vancouver?
Well, the Hip-Hop scene is pretty big here in Vancouver, you will find freestyle battlles, live Hip-Hop shows, and Hip-Hop/Rap bumpin' all around Vancouver. This is where I found Hip-Hop and Rap, I  just fell in love with the genre. I love my city and I will always rep Van City.
At what age did you start getting interested in music and being a recording artist?
I started getting interested in music since I was just a little kid. Ialways have and always will love the art. I couldn't even imagine a life without music, its always been around me. I started with freestyle battles back in 1998 and would always have beats bumpin' in a set of headphones, spittin rhymes eager to learn how to rap like the pros. By 2004 I was getting pretty good and gained confidence on the mic, spitting my own style and getting a lot of love and respect from people listening to me. I have never stopped mastering this music. My music is growing in quality more and more every year and now it seems like every month now that I spit for God.
Did you teach yourself how to record and mix?
Yes, I did teach myself. I started with Cool Edit and a 10 dollar Labtek mic.
What equipment do you currently use to produce and record?
Well, now I have a 27 inch Imac(3.06 Ghz), a Rode Ntk Mic, Duet Interface, and Logic Express for software. My recording Booth is just about built as well, but for now I use the SE Reflective Guard and Art pop filter. They definatley help with sound reflection. When My booth is ready I am getting the Neumann TLM 49 Microphone, so listen for the Neumann quality.
Who are some of your influences in music?
Well, Wu Tang, 2Pac, Biggie, Cannabis, Big L, Whoridas, Eminem, Xzibit, were my big Influences in music, but now I rep God in all my flows and I listen only to Christian rappers now like Jin, Grits, Da truth, Lecrae, R Swift, Trip Lee, Tedashii and of course i'm always bumpin my homies Truss City and Emissary the most, but out of all these artists, they keep me motivated and influence me big time. I'm just sick of hearing this mainstream negativity flowin' through the radios and Tv nowadays, it is like the producer does it all and the rap has no skills anymore.
Props to all those artists spittin' the truth.
Can you tell us about the label T.h.r.iv.e Music?
T.h.r.i.v.e music Inc, is a label that me and my two homies started. The T.h.r.i.v.e stands for: Through Him Rising Im Victoriously Eternal. God put us three together and we clicked right away. We knew that we met for a reason and our styles put together is a gift from God straight Up. We are releasing our album in 2012 and make sure you scoop it up because it is fire!!!  Every track is Bumpin' and you will feel the spirit flowin' through every track. The artists that make up Music Inc are Emissary,Truss City and Mystyle. Come through and check us out at
Is it harder coming up as a Christian Hip-Hop artist because a majority of Hip-Hop today has a negative edge to it?
I actually find it easier. All the Hip-Hop nowadays is the same, the same message, same sound, same negativity,  just a different name to it. Christian Rap is a positive message with uplifting lyrics and is used as a tool to build up rather than destroy. I find you learn a lot listening to positive messages in Christian Rap and it will grow on people, and stay, the better dayz! The lord works in mysterious ways.
How different was your style of writing before you took a more positive angle in your music?
Well, I always have had a positive message in my lyrics, some are hidden in there but they are there.
Tell us about your new mix-tape.
Better Dayz is being released in the next couple weeks. It is basically my story growing up and being lost and found. It is the life of Mystyle and how God has transformed me.
I hope this Album helps people going through hard times and need a bit of a boost. Keep your head up, better dayz are ahead when you have God directing the path, trust me.
What can we expect from you in the next year?
I have already written half of my album I am releasing next Summer and make sure you look out for the T.h.r.i.v.e album coming out early next year. We will also be touring next year so look out for shows. We aren't just gonna be sitting around wishing that this is going to happen, we grind constantly and put in what we want to get out. God Bless and thank you for the opportunity to get on
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