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Hip-Hop artist MusicFanatic has a fun and unique sound!
When did you realize you wanted to be involved in the music industry?
I realized I wanted to be involved in the music industry when two of my friends performed some Hip-Hop  & R&B style original songs. When I heard their flow and style, I knew I had to be a part of the music industry. A,fter their live show, I asked them if we can all be a group and they agreed.That's when Istarted to write songs and after I wrote four of them, I let the group hear them and they liked all of the songs. We didn't know where to go from there but we knew Bobby Davis at Sure Record Pool and he knew the Aleems. They are the guys that made a song called "Release your self", it was a big hit club record for them and they had their own label called Nia Records and every song that they ever put out received major airplay. So to make a long story short Bobby Davis refered us to them and we auditioned for them at their home studio and they agreed to sign us and then I called our manager that we had at the time and a date was set up for all of us to meet and sign the contracts, the Aleems signed the group for two of the songs that I wrote and they bought the other two. just to remind you those were the very first four songs that I wrote in my life. They booked 16 hours in Unique Recording Studio for us to bounce the music from our quarter inch tape to a two inch tape so we could pick up where we left off with the song. That process was common for back in those days, they never actually released any songs with us because there was a conflict of interest with our manager and us to the point where we didn't make the first recording session that was booked for us and the Aleems lost inetrest in the group so we ended up getting a release
from the record label. It worked out just fine for the Aleems because they went in the studio and used the time that we were suppose to be using and they finished up the song Release Yourself.
Dealing with an  indie label, what was that experience like?
I was fresh out of the gate and I  just wrote my very first four songs, so to get signed right a way to a record label that handled their business and with a track record of having everything  they ever released being played on major radio, my first thoughts were "Hey, this is it! I am out there and wow! These are my songs so that experience was a very remarkable one.
What lessions did that experience teach you about music business?
Another nice question. Some of the lessons that I was taught is that you must really be ready for this music industry. Meaning your skill as an artist has to be on point because like any business the music business has its competition not just lyrically but production, music, vocals, engineering, mix, mastering and showcasing just to mention a few that must be on point. I also learned that if you get a manager, you need to make sure he or she does not have anything going on that could clash with their commitment to you as an artist.
New York is a huge Hip-Hop music area. What is it like trying to come up as an recording artist there?
Well, I think that nowadays not just in New York, but everywhere if you're trying to enter into this music game it's going to be a task because now everybody and their mother is trying to make a record excuse my french, but people must realize that radio stations can only play but so many songs a day
because they only have but so many slots available and usually they are being taken up by about 5 to10 artists being played about 100 times a day. That happens for many reasons but that's another story but I will say from my personal experience with promotions and dealing with this music industry that New York can really be a piece of work. You see I'm not just a Rapper & Singer, I'm also a Record Label so I put in a whole lot of work. I'm not trying to blow my own horn, but it is what it is.
How would you define your music style?
I would define my music style as unique, but on the same token relatable and very soulful. I feel that no matter how many songs are played, my songs will always stand out. One of the reasons I say this is because I do not, and I repeat, I do not jump on the band wagon and when I produce my music there are no glass ceilings or boxes that I cant step out of. This may sound a little cocky but like I said before, it is what it is.
Can you tell us a little bit about your CD "Album 1"?
Yes, "Album 1" I guess you can say it's my baby because it's my first album. I made many singles before but this is a first for me. This album took me about 10 months to make, it could have been done sooner but I went through a moving process so I had to get settled before I could jump back into it. I designed the album cover, I know it looks like child's play, but hey it's a cover and it works for me. My album was released July 2, 2011 and it's already all over the internet for sale and so many radio stations are starting to play something from the album. It's been entered into many record pools and it started to chart. Just to give you an example, if you go to you will see that my song "Club City" is in the Top 40 Indie HipHop charts and it has also entered into the Urban HipHop charts in the Top 50. Funny because it's a club record. I am rapping on the 3rd verse. The reason I named it "Album 1" is because that the leaves expectation for "Album 2" and so on and so on. Just to let you in on a secret, "Album 2" is already in the making, but thats another interview. I really hope that a lot of people buy my album not just for money reasons, but I really feel that I have something different to offer and very enjoyable.
Where did you record it?
I Recorded my whole album in my home recording studio.
So you do all of your own production?
I do all of my music production. As a  matter of fact, I don't just produce all of my own  music, but I also write, rap, sing, compose, edit, engineer, mix and master all of my own material. Everytime you hear a song by Musicfanatic, you best to believe that its 100 percent made by me. I have a song on my album called "All Across The Board". has it in steady rotation. When I say I am all across the board, that is exactly what I mean.
Are you doing any shows lately?
No, Because I have my own game plan in order. Once I flood the record pools, music magazines, webzines, college and internet radio stations and every state with my music, only then will I start to do shows because the way I see it, why perform if nobody knows who you are. It's one thing if you are opening up for somebody known but if you are not really known you WILL NOT attract a crowd. Real talk! So why waste your time.
What is your opinion on the state of Hip-Hop today and all of its sub-genres?
In my opinion independent artist need to take control of their careers and stop letting these major labels control their destiny and tell them what they can and can not do because everytime an artist do that they are depriving the listeners and their fans of their full potential of being something special. Another thing about the state of Hip-Hop and it's sub-genres is that a lot of todays music sounds alike and this is an example of what I meant when I said I don't jump on the band wagon. Do you know how many potential artists gave up trying to pursue a career in the music industry because someone in a position told them they don't have what it takes? How about this example: A&R at a major label passes on a song and that same song ends up going gold or platinum. Their is so many examples like that one, So the moral of the story is if you believe you can do it, go for it and stop wasting your time and everybody elses.
Do you like any old-school artists?
Yes and No. Yes, because back in the days Run Dmc, Rakim and Salt -N-Pepa were my favorites. I say No because nowadays I really don't think they could pull it off, but then again who knows. The reason I say I dont think they could pull it off today is because the style of rap is so different now compared to back then and if they were to change their style, I dont think they would have the same effect on people like back then.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Well, if God is willing, I plan to do two more albums and some singles. After that I also plan to invest in some kind of business, maybe real estate but we will see. I like to take one day at a time but like I said "Album 2" is already in the making but that will be another interview because now its all about "Album 1" by Musicfanatic. So get it while supplies last, One Love.
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