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Bigg Jigg is extremely focused on his career!
Being in the South, what was the Hip-Hop scene like for you growing up?
I'm actually from Chicago but I have been in the south the last seven years or so but since I have been in the south I like the fact that the south don't mind working together that's a plus rather then everybody not trying to work together and trying to down each others progress.

How did you get involved with Universal?
I actually got involved through an A&R for Universal. Bungalo & Vice, President of A&R at Black Inc Mmg. DJ NEWYORKCITY Ken who had been watching my career and my movement for over three years actually reached out to me and is now my personal manager.

You are known for wanting to help lesser known artists coming up. Is there anyone you are working with lately?
I still help up and coming artists out. I am currently focusing more on my career because my latest album is out and in stores.

Where do you record your music?
I have a studio that I work out of in Florida, Baltimore and Michigan. I usually go between these places because I do not like my records being everywhere so I fly in and out of these cities to record when I am not touring.

Are you into producing at all, or just writing?
I mainly stick to writing. I have produced before but writing is where I excel at the most as an artist.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by God, my Mom, my kids and everyday life. Also by older Hip-Hop artists. You were a true artist back in the day.

Do you still release actual copies of CD's or just digital downloads?
I do both

Have you been performing anywhere lately?

Yes, I am on tour now. I have performed in Atlanta, Columbus, Georgia, Alabama, Tampa,Florida,  Tennesse and Dallas,Texas.

How did you come up with the song "Gucci Girl"?
I just wanted to make a hot girl record that we all can party to and I also wanted to make it a fashion statement. I know most women like the finer things in life.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
You can expect more hot, relevant records from me and also be on the lookout for me in some movies and sitcoms as well. Be sure to keep connected with me at and at Twitter
Any promoters or venues or collaborations contact my booking at 561-891-7536