Exclusive Interview

Brazil Hill

Where did you grow up?  Mobile, AL. 

What was it like living there? It’s like just getting by. To me, it’s a retirement city, not many opportunities.  

What influenced you to get into music? I grew up in the church, so singing has always been my first love.

What is the local music scene like in Mobile? Are they supportive? There is so much talent in Mobile, all genres of music, not many resources, but it’s dope. It’s very interactive with the communities and charity.

What is a songwriting session like for you? Writing for me is having a conversation with the instruments about a person, a place, or experience, and I just let it flow. 

Do you work with other artists writing or producing? I have in the past, but mostly on my new music it’s just been me and the producers. 

Do you perform live often? Yes I do. I enjoy performing and expanding my brand. 

Since you released "Sauce Law," What have you learned about the music industry? Since that tape dropped, I’ve learned that artist development is necessary for every artist and that this industry is 90% business. 

Are you working on any new projects? Yes I am. My new Ep titled “ALPHA” will be dropping soon.

What can we expect from you in 2020? Expect a new wave, expect a new sound, expect a rising star, expect to see me in some really big places, doing really big things!!!! Expect the unexpected!

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