C Stud Vill
In the past you were signed to a independent label called Mystic Records. What exactly went wrong there and are they still in business?
The Mystic Record project went  wrong due to lack of production & contract disputes and they are no longer in business.
The song "Trick Uh Treat" was a independent hit for you that sold a decent amount. What did you do to promote and market that EP for it to do so well without the help of a major label?
I sold them at all the mom & pop stores and rented cars on the weekends and drove to other cities and went to malls and sold them and I kept records of all my sales. My brother and I, and friends that stood by me, put posters at every corner and in stores that would let us with a contact address..
What is the Hip-Hop scene like in San Antonio?
The Hip-Hop scene in San Antonio has grown a lot due to mainstream radio, but it is hard to get radio play in this city if you are not supported by a major label, but the Hip-Hop scene has grown.
How does radio in San Antonio treat independent artists?
The radio station treats locals with no respect unless you are mainstream.   That's the biggest problem we have. The city does not stick together like other cities.
You were locked up for over three years shortly after you got out of High School. If that never would have happened, how would your life be different now?
My life would have been different because of the urge to keep going for my dream. I wanted to be a rapper and the older cats in prison helped keep my dream alive and they told me I have too much talent to waste and to keep striving for my goals so I stayed focused on my career. 
When did you realize you wanted to be involved with music?
I realized I wanted to be in music at the age of 7 when I heard "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash. I was thrilled.
Do you still press up CDs of your music or do you just release music digitally?
I still press up Cd's and I also go digital. I love both sides. More money!
Do you do a lot of shows?
Yes, I do a lot of shows out of town and will jump on any show available.
Where do you record and who does most of your production?
I record at Top Notch Studios in San Antonio and if I purchase a track from a well known producer from out of town,he will normally fly me down to record. We purchase tracks from different producers so my album will not sound the same. I love the producers I have worked with over the years.
What is next for you?
Next for me is to get signed to a major label so I will have better promotion and I will be known all over the world as one of the greats.
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Coming out of San Antonio, Texas. C Stud Vill has been through some hardship in his life. He has overcome and risen above to focus on his music career. This is an artist to watch for.
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