What is the Hip-Hop scene like for independent artists in GA?
It's really great I love it here in atlanta. I just hate all these open mic's. The bad part is that it's hard to seperate the better  talent
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Are you performing anywhere lately?
i'm performing right now but things will change later.
Your new CD "Droppin' Stacks" is coming out 10-5-10, what can we expect to hear on this album?
This album is loaded and when you hear the album you will realize that there are still great Hip-Hop  artists out there. I make music that you can play 20 years from now. With that said there are not too many indie artists making classic music. They are making that hear today gone tomorrow music. The main thing is that there are no messages in their music.
Who does your production and where do you record?
Droppin' Stacks was produced by my homeboy Fie Fie Beatz. He also worked on the movie ATL. we record at Fie Fie Beatz studio in Atlanta
Can you freestyle or are you more of a writer?
I'm a little of both but i perfer to write because my thought process is a lot better
Do you tend to sell more downloads of your music or physical CD's?
Droppin' Stacks is for digital download only
How do you feel about mixtapes? Good for an artist or have they over-saturated the market with bad music because they are so cheap to create?
Honestly mixtapes suck. The rap game is where it's at and those Dj's put anybody on a mixtape if you got some money.  So to me it's not about talent, it's about who has the money. I will never pay a Dj to put my song on their mixtapes and then they turn around and sell it and make double the money for nothing. Most of these mixtapes Dj's are bums. I gues that's why I am able to put out my own album and shoot video's because I am smart with my money and not just giving it away to all these table dancing dj's. BAD FOR THE RAP/HIPHOP COMMUNITY
What kind of music would we find you listening to in your free time?
I listen to Scarface, 2pac, The Game, Mary J, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Nas, Outcast and more.
Were you always into music growing up?
I loved music growing up especially 2pac and Scarface. I was into all the break dancing, popping and tagging buildings. I was into it all
What can we expect from you in 2011?
In 2011 my new group D.S.H. for Da-Mind,SLYCE & Hustle and more banging music for Hardcorejamz to play the listeners
Da Mind is a focused Hip-Hop artist coming from ATL. With a new album dropping this month, we had a chance to talk to him!