Frequently Asked Questions
For Listeners
Is this service free?

Yes, you can listen for free 24/7

Can I choose to hear any song?

Yes! You can let the interactive player play or choose any song in the playlist to hear.
For Musicians
What is this site all about?

We are an Internationally known music network that promotes and plays music.

How do I submit music?

For full submission guidelines click the "Submit Music" link on the site.

When I went to submit my music, I was never redirected for instructions on how to do it. What do I do?

No problem. Just click the "Contact Us" form on the site and let us know. We will then send you further instructions.

How can I go about being interviewed for the site?

We only do interviews with artists who have submitted music to us and have reached the top ten on our Top Songs chart. If you have reached that level then ask us!

I submitted my music but never heard a response back from you. What's up?

We always respond back within 24 hours and sometimes our emails go directly to your spam folder so check there. If nothing still then click the "Contact Us" link on the site and let us know!

I have unlimited submission, why do you only allow 2 submission at a time?

We do this so 1 single artist does'nt over power the site with too many songs. We try and give everyone a chance at getting spins.

I submitted two songs but only one is in the voting. Why?

Although you can have two songs in rotation we only allow one for voting. The one in the voting is your "lead single". If we had every song up for voting, there would be way too many songs to choose from.

My picture and song was listed in the "Hot Songs" section but I noticed today it is gone. Why?

When new music comes in it gets listed in that section to help promote the artist and we generally let it stay there for at least a week or so then we replace it with other new music that comes in. Remember, just because we have taken it down does not mean you are not in rotation anymore. Your song is still being played! We generally keep songs in rotation for one to 2 months then they get taken out depending on the popularity of the track. A good way to tell if your song is still in rotation is to click the "Top Songs/Vote" link and see if it is not on the list. If it is not then send us new material!

What Genres do you play?

Hardcorejamz plays Hip-Hop and R&B and we play producer instrumental too!
Hardcoremix plays Rock,Pop,Country,Jazz,Electro,Dance,Reggae,Gospel and more!

Do you offer a login or a profile page?

We offer login but no profile page. We do old school promotion and it works! We have been in business for over 5 years now and slowly building!