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Frunt Runnaz
We had a chance to speak with CEO Josh Brett about the future of this fast growing label.
So who started Frunt Runnaz and where are you all from?
Well, when we first started this venture it wasn't really defined. It was me and my first 2 artist C-Side The Miracle (Christian Torrisi from Salem, NH) and Klassick (Josh Maurais from Litchfield, NH) trying to establish a fan-base and networking with other talented emcee's. Through those goals we met up with another very talented artist with multiple other skills named SIG (Ahntwan Harris originally from Compton, CA now in Cambridge, MA). Just Recently we connected with Shawn Taylor (Shawn Graham from Laconia, NH), Mr. Versatile (Christopher Scott Originally from Lowell, MA now in Nashua, NH) and our first group Lyfe Gang (Brendan "Sweezy" Hynes, James Michael "Xavier" Iovino, & Nicky "On Da Beat" Sbraccia) So It came to a point where we needed a bit more structure and something that represented what we were about not just as individuals but as a team...a family.  So Frunt Runnaz was born and we been living it with each and everyday.
How did you come across all the artists on Frunt Runnaz?
My First 2 Artist came to me basically by friends that knew my past and love with Hip Hop and kept insisting I get back in the game. However, I just felt that my knowledge and talents would be better served if I helped the younger generation with the raw talent and love for the game. So I took the ball and ran with it. I used technology to scout out local talent and started putting things together. In fact I reached out to an R&B artist in Australia named Czarina (Czarina Lapus-DiSanto) who worked with C-Side Tha Miracle through file transfers for the first Single "Mr. New Year" on his debut album "Genuine" which is available on iTunes.
Do you release actual CD's or just digital downloads of your music?
We do both. We focus mostly on the digital as we feel that is just the way of the future, but we do have hard copies at selected local venues and shows of course...while supplies last, ya know!.
Do you focus on multiple projects at a time or do you spread out the releases of each artist?
We try to spread out the releases as its just a good business practice, but where we are just starting out, we want to hit the scene with a few projects in a short period of time to let the fans know we are here to work. So as of right now you can find C-Side Tha Miracle on iTunes as well as every other relevant digital format, and in the next month you will be able to find SIG on iTunes, etcetera. Oh and we are always putting free mixtapes out on to show our appreciation to our fans for all their support.
Do the individual artist releases seem to do better or do the Frunt Runnaz mixtapes with all the artists together seem to do better and get more feedback?
Well, we have only one official Album release at this time and its just to early to tell. However our Mixtapes do very very well, both individual and compilation.
Where do you all record?
That's the beauty of today's industry. Technology has afforded us the luxury of solid home recording in general. Although we do get in the studio here and there for collaborations as well. We network with a few great studio's in the New England area too.
Who handles the production on the artists projects?
I tend to add my 2 cents here and there with the mixing and mastering, but each artist on the label is multi-talented and pretty much, writes, performs, and produces their own work. It is a prerequisite really to be associated with Frunt Runnaz. Everyone serves a purpose. You must be more than just an have to be a Business man.
Do any of the artists have any shows coming up?
We will be having a show in early April. Plus, there is talk about SIG being one of the local openers for Wiz Kalifah when he comes to Worcester, MA in late February.
What are some of the pros and cons of running a stable full of artists?
Personalities, styles, beat selection, networking, promotion, line-up, etcetera. They all have different answers on any given day. But honestly, we have become very close in a short period of time. These kids are just amazing and even on my personal worst days I can just reach out to them as well and they will motivate me right back. I love it with all my heart.
What can we expect from you in the future?
More and better music, we just keep getting better with our game and eventually the industry will have to take notice. Everything comes in cycles, There was the Eric B and Rakim period, the NWA, period, The Shady/Aftermath period, Right now is the Young Money Period, and I would venture to say we will have the Taylor Gang period....but mark my words, one day soon, there will be a Frunt Runnaz period...No Doubt
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