Are you still associated with Added Bonus Entertainment?
Gotta Husle is an Entertainment company! All business, recording, mastering, promoting, marketing, and graphics can be done within our organization. That's one of the ways that help this company/group get to where they are today. We are lucky to have the group of people we have in our Gotta Husle family. Get as much business done as you can within  Gotta Husle. If you have a group of people that can play their parts and get their jobs done, you are an Entertainment company.
Tell us about the album "Youngstown On Deck"
This album is a project everyone should have. It was our highly anticipated sophomore album. It has done really well since it went in stores and online. If you dont have one you need to grab one. Available now online!! Money back gurantee.
Besides Gotta Husle, who else is ripping up Youngstown musically right now?
Well as far as ripping it up, if you mean really has a following, quality music and a group where their name holds weight... Gotta Husle Ent. is the only group that i can really say is really doing their thing. We have been doing this for a long time. We have stayed consistant and got consistantly better at what we do throughout the years. When people ask why you think your good at what you do, you should be able to show them. Gotta Husle can do that.
Are you going to the Ohio Hip-Hop awards this year?
Maybe. We are the first group to ever win a OHHA award in Youngstown in 08. It was a good thing, but keppin it real, if we get up there we will be there.
What is the groups fan base like? More men or women? More Black or white or a good mix?
Gotta Husle's music is good quality music. Its for everybody. We are not trying to get our sound to one set of people. Everybody Gotta Husle in life, in what ever your doing, everyday you Gotta Husle to make things happen for you in your life. If a person likes good music they will love Gotta Husle.
What is the best promotional method you have come across to promote music so far?
Mixtapes... Besides the obvious, flyers, business cards, and T.V,/radio. I would have to say mixtapes. We have put out 5 mixtapes this year alone. People appreciate getting free music. With us they get free plus good music thats real.
Any shows coming up?
We always have some show or venue to shut down. We are planning to throw a few more shows for our city. Just to get some of the other artist involved in this movement. We just rapped up Summer Jam 09, which we threw in Youngstown. It was such a big success, we have decided to continue throwing them. So just keep posted with us on myspace. We keep it movin'.
Is there anyone the group would like to collab with from Ohio that you have not had the chance  yet?
We are focused on getting this Gotta Husle music out to the masses. Everybody knows how to get in touch with us. We would do a collab with an artist if it will do something benificial for this group. We do new music everyday. I guess we stay too busy focusing on getting where we need to be. But we are always open to doing work with any serious artist thats as serious as we are about this craft.
Does the group have a favorite spot to perform at?
It does not  matter where we perform. If you have been to any Gotta Husle shows you know how we do. We love going out and shutting down shows. We are trained and have had alot of practice doing that. When we perform we feed off of the energy from the crowd and we always give it back. No matter if the venue has 2 people in the crowd or 6000. We put on a show.
Do you think artists should be paid for shows without having to sell tickets (like what some venues do) or do you think selling tickets is fair?
To each promoter his own. Personally I hate the ticket thing, but that goes back to everybody Gotta Husle. The promoters wanna get paid too. Artist that can do the things Gotta Husle can do and really put on a show. Yes, I definatly think they should be paid.
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Gotta Husle is a full entertainment company. The main focus is music and they have put out some incredible songs. Coming from Youngstown,Ohio, these cats know business!
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