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Greg Nice

Greg Nice was always one of my favorite Hip-Hop artists. Part of the legendary group Nice-n-Smooth, he had a unique flow and voice, that made you want more. He has a new CD out and we had the chance to talk with him.

Let's talk about your signature rhyme style. When and how did you decide to "echo" the last word on your verses?  I got my style from doing jams in the park in my neighborhood. I just emphasized on it. 

Some of my favorite appearances you did were collaborations with Big Daddy Kane "Pimpin' Aint Easy" and Gangstarr (Dwyck) with Smooth B. Were there any collabs that you have done that never saw the light of day?  I did collaborations with 2Pac, Bell Biv Devo, Mr. Cheeks and Pharoahe Monch that were all hot, but never came out. 

Who did you listen to musically when you were young coming up?
Too many to name. Definitely, the Motown Sound, the Philadelphia International Sound, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and all that shit!!

How has New York Hip-Hop changed since the 80's and 90's compared to what it is today?  Hip Hop is now mainstream music. 

What were the circumstances of when you first signed a record contract? What did you have to do to get the deal?  To get a deal back then, you had to make a couple of demos, go downtown NYC and fish around everywhere for a deal. You had to have personality, strong representation, because labels wouldn’t meet with you direct, and you had to have a lot of luck. 

With the way the music industry is now do you think eventually the CD will become extinct and digital downloads will be the only format?  It’s possible the CD may become obsolete because, a lot of other things have gone away with time. But if I knew the answer I would tell you what’s the number of the winning Lotto ticket. 

Tell us about your new album "Popcycle".
This album is a fun record. It’s a Greg Nice record. It’s all about having fun.

Are you open to working with new and no name producers?  I am in to working with anyone who has good music that I like. It doesn’t have to be someone famous. 

Any shows coming up?
Yes, all in the New Year. Go to www.gregnice.net for show updates.

What can we expect from you in 2011?
No tellin'…progression.

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