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Who makes up H.A.L.O. Wear Prods.?
H.A.L.O. is made up of Daim Dizz aka DAMIEN DIX(CEO), Pop O aka DAVE LEMON(President), Erv H.o.r.n. aka Ervin Hill(Ambassador), Reign(artist), Adolf Riddla(artist).

Who does the music production?
Daim Dizz usually does all the music. Sometimes we branch out to other producers to get a different feel like Church Boy Beats, and Mazik. Most of time we keep it within the company.

Being from Cleveland, how do you feel the local scene is?
The music scene in Cleveland is slow I believe. Being from here you have to branch out to other cities and states to get heard. Cleveland doesn't usually support their local artists. Most of our fans are over- seas in the UK, Japan, Africa, and Germany.

Do events like The Ohio Hip-Hop awards help with local artists?
I believe the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards isn't supportive of true Hip-Hop.They use the Hip-Hop theme because it makes them feel connected to real music, but I have yet to see real Hip-Hop artists being nominated for anything.

Where do you all record at?
Well, we used to record in my Dad's basement, then I moved the studio to an empty room in my house on the 2nd floor where some classics were made.

Artists like Kin-4olk is straight up Hip-Hop, then you have an artist like Dav-e, who is more R&B. Do you plan to work with other artists in other genres?
Most definetly! I love all sorts of music from Jazz, Soul, Trip-Hop, Rock, Contemporary, and even some Country. I would love to fuse with other artists, in any one of those genre's

Do you all do a lot of live shows?
KIN4OLK was really hitting the scene full force a couple years back. We slowed it down a little bit because of people's work schedules, and just life in general. But we're still at it. Got a few shows and showcases coming up this year.

Tell us about your latest projects.
The latest projects released from H.A.L.O. were DAIM DIZZ: TILTED...SLANTED2 and DAV-E : PARADISE. Which both did pretty well on Itunes, Rhapsody, Spotify and so forth. I'm working on a new compilation called STAND UP OR BE STOOD OVER. Looking to drop this one in March. Then we'll be dropping MIDDLE OF THE WORLD PART 3 in May. We had some pretty good feedback from the first two MIDDLE OF THE WORLDS. Looking forward to seeing what part 3 does.

What is your fan base like?

All together, H.A.L.O. has about 5,000 fans with all of the artist combined. So, someone's feeling it!
So we're going to keep catering to them.

What can we expect from you in 2016?
Good music, blessings, and prosperity!

Bringing the heat in Cleveland, Ohio