James Jr
R&B today just is not the same as it used to be but every once in a while you get an artist that has that old school feel that you fall in love with. James Jr is that artist. we had a chance to see what he is working on!
What was it like working with Terry Troutman from the world famous group Zapp on your new single?
Terry "Zapp" Troutman was very easy to work with. He is all business but a very straight up guy to deal with and very talented and great songwriter producer.
You did some remixes with some other prominent artists. Can you tell us more about that?
It comes down to exchanging information, tracks and studing the music and the artists style of music. I always saw some of the artists concerts and gave them support and that's something all artists need. It does not matter who or how big that act may be.
What is the R&B scene like in Ohio?
Still gigging and hitting up all the hot club spots and getting booked anywhere they can.
How was New Experience Records formed?
New Experience Records was started in 1989 in a mobile home and park on Robb Ave in Lima,Ohio. With a little help from a good friend of mine, Chris Jasper, of the 80s 90s group Isley Jasper Isley. I have a lot of respect for this man. We used to talk by phone all the time. He would spend a lot of time teaching me the music game and he is a great man with a heart of Gold.
Who distributes for the label?
We have distribution through several outlets. We use an indie store chain called Wooden Nickel out of Indiana. They are real good about working with indie artist and labels. IODA Sony Music Entertainment as well as Interscope Digital, Best Buy, Kmart and Cd baby.
What do you feel is missing in today's R&B compared to say 15 years ago?
Back when I was coming up, you had a tight band and you practiced hard and went into the studio and laid it down. Now you go and get a computor with MAC or Protools on it, pick out a beat or order some music tracks, write a rap or song and its done.
Where do you record and what producers have you been mainly working with?
I work with Terry Troutman, Shugarfoot of the (Ohio Players) at his studio and we also record at Tempol Recording Studio Fort,Wayne IN.
What do you think of some of the other R&B artists that have come out of Ohio such as Men At Large and The Rude Boys who have that "Levert" sound? How does your music differ from that?
I believe when it comes to singing these groups put out some of the best music you can buy as far as your listening pleasure. As far as comparing our music there is not much of a difference. I can tell you this we all like to have fun making music and we love lots of harmony in our songs.
Have you been performing out lately?
I just went back to my hometown and did a free show. It was a fundraiser for the local foodbank and to help our youth get their GED through the GED program and I am also touring throughout the South and Northern states.
What can we expect from you this coming year?
New music with Terry Troutman, Men At Large, Joe Little lead singer of the Rude Boys, The Delphonics, Leroy Shugarfoot Bonner lead singer of the Ohio Players and a few others. Also a video featuring Terry Troutman.
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