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Canadian Hip-Hop artist Kevin Carnage is one to watch for. We had a chance to see what is going on in his world.
What is the local Hip-Hop scene like in Canada?
The local Hip-Hop scene in Canada is a lot different than it use to be before. It's a lot harder to build yourself as an artist because you have to seperate yourself from the so called RAPPERS!! There is a lot more hate, and cut throat in the business, so artist's have to know how to deal with it on a professional base instead of taking it personal. Other than that the Hip-Hop scene in Canada is building fast.
At what point did you realize you wanted to be involved with music?
I've always been involved in music since childhood. But I decided to take it seriously about 3 yrs ago. I don't like most of the music the industry is producing these days and I have to make my own material to listen too. I decided to take it to the next level, now here I am.
Where do you record?
I record at a studio based in Toronto. I am not gonna disclose any names due to legal terms and conditions, but all my music is recorded in Toronto.
Who produced your single "Get This Paper"?
I produced everything. The beat came from a producer I deal with on the regular and I just put everything together.
Tell us about your upcoming mixtape.
My upcoming mixtape is nothing fire, aka dragons breath. The mixtape is called "The Triangle Dimention". This mixtape I am working on right now, plus I am working on an album at the same time, but ya'll aint gonna get to hear those tracks.  Everybody needs a copy of this mixtape, because it's the music for the new age.
Do you do many live shows?
No, I don't because I am trying another approach with my music. Plus the producers, event planners, and sponsors don't wanna pay the money for top notch artist so I branch my business and keep my patience for the right people to work with when it comes to live events
What kind of music do you listen to in your personal time?
Believe it or not I listen to a lot of Classical music and instrumentals and whatever artist I am feeling at that moment. My mind is constantly creating, so I listen to a lot of beat makers. So these niggaz better be putting their work in out here because I might be listening, you just never know.
What do you find are the challenges of being an indie artist?
It's more costly, but I look at it as long as your making good music, you should never have a problem. Everything else comes after, but it's a lot harder for an indie artist because your starting from bottom up so you gotta be prepared for more negative than positive because none of those can't work without the other feel meh.
Is the Hip-Hop culture different at all in Canada compared to The USA?
Hell yes, this is the land I called hateville. Everybody wanna be that nigga you know, some niggas will even take shit personal, so you gotta be very careful who you deal with and what you say out here, because to servive here as a Hip-Hop artist, you gotta be strong and dedicated
What can we expect from you in the near future?
Nothing but lava. I put my all in, when I am working a project, I expect only the best from artists in my genre, and it's a competitive genre of music to be apart of, so I only wanna make quality music, that is my main focus.
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