Kingamun Re
Coming straight out of Philly! Kingamun Re wants you to know that Hip-Hop is not dead as long as artists like him are still around! Check him out!
What is the Philly Hip-Hop scene like?
The Hip-Hop scene in Philadel  is what it's suppose to be in a city this big and diverse. On the streets cats is doin' they thing makin' moves to get up, attackin' it hard. Now I strongly believe that local radio is damn near non-exsistant. Hell, the Roots drop a new disc and you won't hear one track from it on Philadel  radio, so an unsigned cat ain't got a shot and that's being real as real can be.
Where do you currently record and who does your music production?
I'm currently working with a man Merk at Hidden Beatz Studio. I met Sun through another artist he works with(Cozy Moe) and it's been a wonderful thing. I just recorded a track called "Phillie Luv"
that Merk soley produced and it's a banga'! I got a few tracks from Merk for the new project but my main beatsmith the architect of "Club Like Monsters" is the one and only TRAKK THA RIPPA' from Dover, DE by way of Philadel.
What projects can we expect from POKERPHACE Wreckardz in 2010?
2010 is looking real good for POKERPHACE Wreckardz. The new project "BLACK INK FLOW" will be dropping. The first track off that is "CLUB LIKE MONSTERS". We're also tryin to knock out this mixtape "Gods Don't Blink" before the end of the year, but if not then early 2010
Are you doing any shows lately?
Well, not at the moment. I just did a preformance with Cozy Moe at the Daughters of Kemet Harvest Time Banquet this past November but I've been focased on the new project right now. I'll be looking for shows to do next year. So if anybody got something on deck connect with ya man. No open mics or battle of the band type stuff strickly live preformances let the star shine.
What would you say your style of Hip-Hop is exactly?
My style of Hip-Hop is just that, HIP-HOP! I pride myself on my lyrical word play. My story tellin' is more than poetic. If ya booin' or cheerin' damn it I got ya. I want to get an emotional responce out ya  for sure. I'm goin' to touch ya heart or your nerve.
What type of music do you listen to personally?
I listen to a little bit of everything but country. I'm lyin' a little bit of country, just a little. For real my cd collection will blow ya  mind from Ziggy Marley to Fishbone to Lenny Kravitz to Erica Badu to Meth and Red to Rahsann Patterson and Oasis I'm there. Me and music got a serious thing going on. I just cop'd the new Rakim release, 10 points all day.
What is more important in your opinion these days, getting signed to a major or releasing music independently?
Well that depends if a major label is checking for you then ride out, but don't let that be your goal. Ya goal should be to put forth good music for folks to feel. I want to put out good stuff for you to rock to vibe with and chill out with. I can do that independently.
Do you use Twitter? Do you think Twitter is a better promotional vehicle than Myspace?
NO I DO NOT TWITTER! Too much work, Myspace is the one for me. I hardly do my facebook thing. You want to know what the KING is doin' hit the website you want to know what I'm feelin' listen to the music that's were I put all my thoughts. I might bless the blog once and a blue know, I comment on my tracks.
What do you think is missing in music today that was there before?
That's simple, balance. you see HCJ, yall do it like it should be, some of this, some of that. Let the people choose the top ten, that's balance. Radio and video is a  whole 'nother story.
What are your plans for the New Year?
My plans for the New Year? Damn, Love my babies  and spank em' when needed. Build POKERHACE and stay true to my gut  and keep blessin' HardCoreJamz with that Philadel Fire!
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