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From early on as a Hip-Hop artist, Kwamé had an excellent flow, and although he always was a producer, he has more recently shown his production skills. He has worked with many big name artists, and has had chart success. We had a chance to speak with him.

At what point in your career did you start to focus more on production? From the very beginning I was a producer. Before I was an artist, I had one production credit on the rapper Antoinete song "Baby Make it Boom." I also produced all of my records as an artist, But I went real heavy strictly as a producer in 1999.

What is currently in your arsenal of equipment for production?  I don't give that info out, But I will say that its 50 % live instruments such as piano, drums, strings and guitar. I love organic sounds mixed with samples, vintage and modern synths .

How much involved are you in the mixing and or mastering process of songs you have produced?  I'm 100% involved. Thankfully I've got to the point in my career where it's in my contract to oversee mix and mastering, and most records are mixed by an engineer named "a Kid named Cus."

What are your thoughts on how music equipment and recording equipment is so affordable now? Do you think it is good because more people can create music? Or is this not so good because so many "wannabe" musicians can afford to record now so the market is flooded with garbage music?  I don't think anyone who expresses themselves musically is a "wanna be." There is just acceptable music and unacceptable, and still that is a matter of opinion . So in saying that, it's great that equipment is affordable. It allows everyone a shot at a dream that was impossible to most, and it stops anyone from asking me to use my studio...just playin! 

  With technology today and digital files, how often are you actually in the studio with an artist compared to sending tracks off through email for them to record elsewhere? It's about 50% of the time. I really don't like it and I feel like I did'nt really do my job to the best of my ability when i have to just "send a track." I like conversing with the artist and building tracks on the spot. Then coaching them through the process . Anything other than that, you just a beat maker. 

Do you have many unreleased songs from your early days as an artist that you might release one day?  I have at least 6 albums worth of unreleased material. Some of it is extra dope. Some needs to stay unreleased. But I will start releasing them on a series of mix downloads called "The Scientist of Sound."

What is it like working with major recording artists in recording sessions? Is it true they are notorious for being late?  All the "major" artists arrive early, and leave late. In my experience, it's been some of the new jacks with 1 hit, or who haven't even been released yet, who don't know the meaning of time. 

How often do you work with an artist and the song doesn't make the final cut of the album?  100% of the time. I record 3 to 8 songs with artists I work with. For the most part 1 or 2 songs make the cut. 

Your first album was produced by Hurby Azor. Thinking back do you feel you learned anything from his production skills for the time?  Hurby didn't musically produce my 1st album. Due to politics at the time his name was put as such, But saying that he did Executive produce the project,by making sure the beats and rhymes I created worked in the musical landscape of that time. He taught me everything I knew back then.

What projects can we expect to hear from you this coming year?  Well, most of my new work will appear next year and anything can happen before this year ends but in 2011 you can expect records from Red Cafe, Anthony Hamilton, Skillz and more. I have been concentrating on brand new artists this year like Jive artist Jawan Harris, Sodapop/RCA (Baby faces' label) Lauriana Mae, Warner Bros artist XV. Also, I've been working real heavy with indie rap artist Nola Darling, and I will be releasing my artist Beyond Beliefs 2nd album on my boutique label "MAKE NOISE."

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