Lloyd has a vocal talent that competes with any other major R&B artist out today! He has been through a lot and still has drive to move ahead! With new music and the talent to become a force that will not be stopped! We had a chance to talk to him and see what has been going on in Lloyd's world!
Early on, what did you learn about the music industry being in the group N-Toon?
There is always more to learn, more to achieve, and never enough practice. I have been a workaholic since 12.
Southside was your first studio album, how do you personally feel you have grown musically since then?
With age comes life experiences, maturity, and perspective. I could not  have written "Like Me" on the Southside album. My music has grown with me.
What would you say is more profitable for a major artist in this day and age: Publishing, Touring, CD sales, Download sales or merchandising?
It is all just as important and relevant for success. In order to be a grand marshal, you know, at the top of the game (jay-z), you have to conquer it all, every aspect. Branding is what it equates to in the end. A name that is known in every household
What producer would you love to work with that you have not yet?
Pharrell. He is inspiring. And he is like, the epitome of coolness. I would like to collab with him and Lupe. Shout out to Lupe.
Tell us about The Young Goldie EP.
It is a collection of songs recorded from late September-early December. It is me basically doing things my way. The soundtrack of Independence. My very first release since Lessons In Love, consisting of 8 tracks produced by a selective group of newcomers and some household names.
Any new tattoos lately?
Yea, I got a couple new tattoos, but I am not telling. I think I have got more than any of these r&b cats. I started when I was 16. I am always itching for ink. Haha!
What are your feelings on using Auto Tune? Do you think it is over done right now?
I am not a fan. Where I am from, if you cannot sing without it then you are not respected. But, I do like Kanye's 808s & Heartbreaks, and Lil Wayne "Lollipop".
Why was Juelz Santana's verse replaced with Lil Wayne on your song Pusha?
Replaced? It was not replaced. That is the thing! There were two versions out around the same time. We combined the two versions so they are both on it now. Take that haters! Haha. You can get it on the EP for free download on 12/14 at www.younggoldie.com.
What music are you listening to in your personal life lately?
Frank Sinatra. You know, that old hopeless romantic kinda stuff. I've got the greatest hits. He and Michael Jackson. Ever since he passed, I have been listening even more. I take their songs and dissect them, try to figure out what the secrets are, and then use them in my music. Its really hard. They are legends.
We love what you do, so keep up the good work! Any new business ventures coming in 2010?
A new deal will be coming sooner than later, and I am planning something extraordinary at the beginning of the year. Something special. Just for my fans. Stay tuned.
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