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What is the Hip-Hop scene like in Mississippi?
Very Independent, Since we have no Major labels and very few Hip Hop radio stations, we promote strictly in the streets, Nightclubs, & College campuses. I'm in North Mississippi, which is very close to Memphis, TN. So our sound is very similar.

Where do you usually record?

Coles Point Studio.

You also do graphic design. How did you come about doing that?

I asked a guy to do me a album cover and he was charging $150 just for the cover. I thought that was crazy, so I download the program to do the cover myself. Then eventually started getting very good at it. Then began to study Graphic Design. And now i love it, just as much as music.

With digital sales of music becoming the norm now,
do you feel it is still important to get CDs manufactured to sell?

Yes, because my music is mostly related to the hood and not everyone in the hood have computers. And for that reason its still necessary to pass out flyers, hang posters, and have your cd in the store.

What is it that most independent artists are missing nowadays that prevents them from reaching moderate success?
Motivation, Determination, & Drive. They think its easy and it will happen over night. I've seen underground rappers get in super star mode b4 they reach that status. and dont take the time to learn the business. they think its all, money, cars, and clubs. But being a upcoming artist you have to humble yourself, and understand, this is a business and a job. Everybody isn't going to like you. you have to earn every single fan you make and come up with creative ways to keep them entertained.

Your first CD was released in 2005, since then what have you learned that you will use for future releases?
How to promote and distribute myself. My 1st cd i did nothing but go in the booth and rap. I didn't promote, or put any money up for the project. But my 2nd cd i relocated and had no one, i had to start from scratch. So I took what i learned from my previous Label and applied it on my own. Everything from Creating my website, paying for studio time, pressing up the cds, ordering flyers, posters, and grinding in the streets.

You do a ton of features, do you think this definitely helps an artist or could it hurt by being out there too much?
It helps, because its always good to get your name out there.

What music are you listening to now?
Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Twista, Yo Gotti, Kanye West.

Have you gotten alot of press in Mississippi?
I have been mentioned in newspapers

What is next for you?
I am working on my 3rd mixtape, releasing the end of the year.