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She is a Hip-Hop icon, and she has released her new single "Rocking With The Best". A talented woman doing everything from music, acting, owning a business and more!
We were pleased to be able to chat with MC Lyte!
On your new song, you come off a little harder than other songs, Which style do you prefer for yourself? A softer R&B feel, or a harder style?
I really love doing both! I enjoy the harder style because it's easy, it's what I know best and I'm just being myself. Yet songs like "Poor Georgie" and "Keep On", are a softer side that I enjoy making as well.

You have been in several movies in your career.
Do you have any new movie projects coming up in the future?

No, I sure don't. I do have a TV show coming soon.

Do you still do voice over work?
Yes, All of the time.

In the past you have charted in the UK with several of your singles,
how does your music do over there now?

Pretty well according to the royalties. In Europe for sure because I travel there often.

Are there any artists (dead or alive) that you wanted to work with and just never had the chance?
I would like to collaborate with Anthony Hamilton, and Faith Evans.

What was it like working on the the "Self Destruction" song back in the days?
Exciting! Everyone was there and the energy was unbeleivable. We were all united for one reason and that was to use our celebrity to help young kids to see that violence was not an option.

Was the song recorded with all of the artists in the studio at once?
Everyone except Chuck D, I think he was touring.

I remember hearing back then that you and Big Daddy Kane wrote your part for that song together, is that true?
No, LL Cool J and I co-wrote it.

What would you say is most lucrative for an artist nowadays between CD sales, Download sales, Publishing income from radio spins, or doing shows?
All of it stands to be lucrative, but the most important aspect is making a hot song that touches people in a way that they want to hear your song, buy your song, and download your song. The money becomes so unimportant if one does'nt give their all in the song making process.

What kind of music would we find on your iPod?
All kinds of music from Nas, The Weepies, The O'jays, even Daft Punk.

What can we expect from your latest project?
This record reps truth, and I'm talking about a lot of different topics. It's got a lot of soul!!