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What is the local Hip-Hop scene like in NY right now?
I'm lovin' it !  NY is still n' alwayz will be da mecca, da birth place of this culture called Hip Hop.  Alot of the "MC's" I grew up listenin' to are still here doin' it big inspirin' cats like myself.  There are a lot of young cats not conformin' and stayin' true to they craft and true to the art.  It still is keepin' dat fire burnin' inside me.
Why are you no longer s member of the 809 Foundation?
Me n' my man BOE Bravo were both goin' thru our young man issues. Me wit' da new baby n' all.  We both together made that fly "ahead of its time" joints but life took us on different paths but dats still my boy 4 life, na mean!  809 will be back, no question, shout out to Tink from HIT SQUAD
Was it hard getting one of your songs placed on an independent film?
Na, they approached us and showed their appreciation fo' the context of the song, the substance, the message, it identified wit' the story of da film.  I'm grateful dat people still listen to the substance and not just bein' blinded by da bass.
All the things you went through in your life has definitely been fuel for writing your songs. Besides being a writer can you freestyle?
Most definitely. When i'm inspired I can freestyle my ass off, ha ha!!  I never said I was da best freestyler but i can hold my own.  I mean, that's how I started and why I fell in love wit' da art of rhymin!  I remember doin' cypher in Smith Projects hallways goin' back n' forth wit' 20 cats at a time.  Those experiences I take wit' me to my grave, the flyest times there.
Tell us about your new project.
Pottery Fragments is somethin' I been thinkin' about fo' over a long time.  The whole concept is based on da biblical story of Jeremiah, son of Hilkiah n' how God sent him to Babylon to warn da wicked to change their wicked wayz. We, people like myself, who can identify wit' dat understand that this world is hurtin' right now, people are losin' their souls n' need to wake up!!
How is your latest song doing in the Record Pool scene with Djs across the country?
Oh man, River Walka is bangin'!  I'm gettin' mad love from all over, it's a beautiful thing man.  A Blessin'!  I worked hard on dat joint n' it is startin' to pay off.  Thousands o' hits already on this joint.  people holla'rin' to cop it, download it, u name it!!
Are you performing lately?
I performed about a month ago, rocked it!  I will be doin' shows soon!  We plannin' on a couple venues right now.
Where do you record?
A down Low basement spot in the BX, BRONX, my man's spot!  If I was gonna do this album, it was gonna be on da motherland of Hip Hop!
Are you open to working with other artists and producers?
Why not, it would be an honor to work wit' other artists n' producers.  I think it brings out the best in all of us when the love fo' this is bigger than egos.
What can we expect from you in the year 2011?
This is gonna be the year God allows me to fullfill all my promise!  A Big Year for my whole Ni-ty operativez!!! Albums droppin', tourin', buildin' the brand, establishin' myself.  It's gonna happen, remember I told you first.  Peace, M.E.R.G.E 1 da Honorable over n' out!
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