Mick Boogie is a self made man. He worked hard to get to where he is now and it shows. He recently made the move to New York from Cleveland and he is busier than ever. His mixing and blending techniques are what most newbie Dj's are lacking. Ever since I met him years ago he seemed to be a genuine guy. Always happy to help and he never seemed snobbish like many people of his status become. I always admired the way he carried himself. He never seems fake and always seems to balance the right amount of Hip-Hop style to where it fits him right! He has released some incredible mixtapes with some of the most famous artists in Hip-Hop. I must say I am proud of him!
I was able to chat with him recently...........................
So going from Cleveland to New York how different is the music scene there?
Very different. Much broader tastes in music on a commercial level... as well as an underground level. Although Cleveland has its pockets of music people. For example, the people who come to our monthly at Touch Supper Club. But overall, creatively, this is great place to be in, not just musically, but in all walks of life and culture.
Who is all a part of The League Crew now?
When Terry Urban and I moved, the League kinda evolved into less of a dj/business enterprise and more of a long-distance family thing. DJ Fresh and Steph Floss are running Cleveland, and Terry and I are doing our thing in NYC. Everyone is doing well for themselves.
Being a newly wed man, how is married life treating you while being a busy DJ?
Great. My wife is amazing. She is like my wife/stylist/motivator/personal assistant/chef. I don't know she wears all those hats, but she is the best.
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You have a great show called The Press Play Show on Sirius 45. Is the show done at Sirius or do you do it at a different location?
Terry is mostly in charge of that... and records it half at Sirius and half at our studio in Brooklyn.
Do you have any crazy celebrity meeting experiences?
I don't like to name names, but it always sucks when you meet someone you look up to, and they are a complete dickhead in real life. Lol.
What is in your arsenal of DJ equipment now?
Same as it ever was. MacBook Pro, Serato. At home, Logic Pro.
Mixtapes are everywhere now, what is one thing these amateur Dj's are lacking when they are flooding the streets with their cds?
I'll give you three things: Creativity, originality and good marketing.
How involved are you with the Motivation Boutique?
I assist from the marketing from out here. Anything involving artists and labels, or anything conceptual, I give my 2 cents. But my partner Mike is definitely the main man in Ann Arbor. He has built an amazing business!
Do you see yourself staying in NY or do you have plans to move in the future?
Definitely staying!
Any new music you know about that is just incredible that you can tell us to watch out for?
Lots! Any listen of my recent projects can tell you which up and coming artists I'm feeling, and who I am endorsing. Go listen! LOL.
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