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The Audio Two is a legendary Hip-Hop group. Anyone who knows Hip-Hop should be hip to the song "Top Billin'" which has been sampled countless times by many artists. We had a chance to talk with Milk Dee, one half of the group and brother of MC Lyte.
Milk has been very busy producing other artists and collecting royalties from the one song that made the group famous! The Audio Two only had two albums released and one that was put on the shelf.
Your first single as the Audio Two was Make It Funky and the B-Side was Top Billin'. Did you expect that song to get as popular as it did? Was it a surprise that Make It Funky didn't hit as hard?
As an artist you have to believe every song you do is great. I thought both songs were going to be huge hits, but every song cannot be. I am blessed to have one of the two. Most artist never get one.
Now many people probably think you did produced the music for Top Billiní but it was really someone else?
The credits on the album say produced by Daddy-O and Audio Two and that is  true. As far as the writing goes I did the beat and wrote the lyrics.
Did you & Lyte both have a huge interest in music at the same time?
Lyte and I developed a love for Hip hop around the same time in junior high school.
Where was the album "What More Can I Say" recorded?
The album was recorded at our home studio "First priority labs" and a studio in New York named INS.
Back with those albums everything was most likely recorded on 24 track tape. So you basically got to see the change over to Digital recording with Pro Tools. What is your opinion on the sound quality of recording everything digital?
We recorded most of our first songs on 4 track and 8 track. There is a difference in the sound, for better or worse. There are a lot of advantages recording digitally it is a lot cheaper and easier. As far as the sound, I think it really depends on who's mixing. In my Studios we use a combination of digital and analog.
What does your brother Giz do now?
Giz  is Chillin' still in the industry. Google him
Now when a major artist comes along and samples your music, how does the business end work usually? Do you charge a flat rate? or do you charge a flat rate and get some of the publishing? What is the norm?
I get a percentage of the writing and publishing between  30% and 100% depending on the usage.
When the 50 cent track came out, did you notice a spark in sales of your old music?
When artist like 50, Biggie, Mary, R Kelly, Puffy, Wale, Asher Roth etc..  sample from my catalog, it definitely generates more interest in my songs. I get a lot of feedback on Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and I do see an increase in sales.
When you were first signed to Priority back in the day, was it for a one album deal that you renewed or was it for more albums?
First Priority is our Family label. I'm signed for life!
Will we ever see a release of your album "First Dead Indian"?
Yes,  "First Dead Indian" will be available real soon. By popular demand.
Are there any guest spots on that album?
The only guest spots were form Lyte, but there is production by Easy Mo Bee, Grandmaster Flash and King Of Chill.
What kind of things are you working on now?
I produced Eamon "I Donít Want You Back" and I also have new artists  Johnny Blk, Tmarvin, June Luva. I am currently in the lab working on new Milk dee music. I have a bunch of new stuff coming so look out for it.
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