Money B
Money B has had a long career in the music industry. He is a member of Digital Underground,and  he has produced for and done songs with some of the most famous Hip-Hop artists in history. My favorite Money B collaboration would be "I Get Around" which is the hit he did with Tupac and Shock G. I had a chance to talk with him to see what he has been up to!
How often do you still see or talk to Shock G?
Well, These days I rarely see Shock G because we have taken a hiatus on shows. We've toured
successfully and consistently for the past 16 to 17 years so last year we decided to take
a break. Shock G is now doing his solo thing and I am doing my solo thing and also doing my thing and the "Goin Way Back" show and just going into ventures and doing things I want to do.
As far as talking to Shock G, we still do business together and we still chop it up on email so we still talk to each other but now we are just doing our own thing.
You have a long career of at least 20 years. After all these years is there an artists (Dead or Alive) that you wished you could have worked with?
I guess back in the day I was always, and still am, a Dancehall/Reggae fan and Supercat was always a favorite of mine coming up. I always wish I could have done something with him. Other than that I have pretty much recorded with or been in sessions with many of the people I respect such as Tupac, Shock G, I have been around Dre, but for me mostly I like to record with people I have a connection with and people that are friends of mine like DJ Quick, Above The Law, Ice Cube or Big Daddy Kane and the list goes on.
How did your "Goin Way Back" show come about?
Well, the show came about because growing up I was always a DJ and I have been buying records
since I was like 13 years old. I bought my first record "Planet Rock" back in 1982. I now have an extensive collection of Hip-Hop since the beginning of Hip-Hop. So I have this huge collection of music and I
felt like I wanted to share it. Also, the artists I do interviews with on the show are people that I have toured with, did songs with, or just been around so we can talk to each other in a candid way and share genuine experiences with the audience that you don't get on most old school Hip-Hop shows. So it is a combination of my love for the golden age of Hip-Hop and me wanting to share it with the rest of the world and It's fun to me.
I was a huge fan of Raw Fusion. Was there ever a time recently that you wanted to put out another album together?
Yes, and not so much to call it Raw Fusion but an element I think is missing in Hip-Hop is the interaction with the DJ.
The DJ was a huge part of the  music back then and I kinda wanted to bring that back and I do that with my new album "For The Funk Of It" on a few songs but by a different DJ. DJ Fuse stays pretty busy himself but there might be another DJ Fuse collaboration and It may not be called Raw Fusion but possibly on a Money B album or on my next project with Scott Knox called M.A.S.K.
We already have a song with DJ Premiere which brings the scratch element back and it's dope.
When is your "Stuntin" video gonna be released?
That is a question I do not have an answer to. We shot the video but we just haven't gotten it right with the video editors. We spent money on it and have been through many video editors and it has not happened yet but I feel it is a timeless song so it will get done, I just don't know when.
Are you still involved with the adult film industry at all?
Yes, I am. Sex In The Studio is our DVD series. We had a problem with our distributor. We put out episode one and two and episode three we have plans to go into production with that this year.
We just have to tie up a few legal issues behind it but Sex In The Studio is very much a part of my future plans.
When you take on the roll of producing, what type of equipment are you using?
I started on an SP1200 and then to the MPC 60 and eventually ended up with MPC 3000 at the height of my production. I have a few keyboard modules and then I got into Reason.
It is very seldom that I produce tracks anymore but that is what I use if I do.
We have all heard the famous story of how you originally went for the role Tupac landed in the movie Juice. Do you think your career would have been any different now if you would have gotten that role?
Actually that is a very untrue statement and I really do not know how that story came about but the truth is I did not
go for the part that Tupac ended up with. I was given the scritp to go out for Steel which is the little dark skinned fat dude in the movie.
See I knew that Tupac went to school for acting, so I asked him to help me practice read for the script and as we were reading I noticed that Bishop kinda reminded me of Pac, so I asked him to come to the casting and read for the part.
I figured he would probably get the part before I did because I did not know how to act and
I knew that so the truth is I tried out for Steel and Tupac tried out for Bishop and Treach, who was with us tried out for the role of Q, which was played by Omar Epps and as we all know Tupac was the one who got the part.
Let's talk about your new projects.
My new album is called "For The Funk Of It" and it is an a collaboration with and
and the album is produced by which is a site and a forum made up of producers. There are like fifteen tracks on there and it features Tupac, Crooked I, Scott Knox from M.A.S.K. and tons more. It was something I wanted to do to help promote and to give something back to the fans. The album is actually available totally free at
Also look out for the next project which is M.A.S.K.
What type of music are you listening to lately?
Right now I am listening to my own album "For The Funk Of It", M.A.S.K., tracks from Producers I manage
such as The Beat Mafia from the Midwest and more.
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