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Where are you from and what is the Hip-Hop scene like there?
I was born in Greenwood, SC; Iím originally from a small town called Aiken, SC. There isnít really a hip-hop scene here, just a place more so for retirement, lol; Sorry, but I donít plan to retire soon. I am basically looking to pave the way for artists who have the same desire and talent for music like I do.
Can you tell us more about Acrobat Entertainment?
Acrobat Entertainment is independently owned by me and co-owned by Matthew Glanton Jr. We are pretty much the drive behind what we do and to make sure that everything has a positive outlook when finished. Acrobat Entertainment also encompasses artist development and management as well.
How did you get your start?
When I was 14 years old I was part of a group called ďThe Young StunnazĒ, eventually I branched out and decided to finish out school and focus on basketball. Oh yeah! Iím a woman of many talents and balling is my thing! A couple years later, I entered a talent competition in Daytona Beach, FL where I was introduced to Maurice Starr, the former manager of Boyz II Men and The Back Street Boys. I had the opportunity to be a ghost writer and make beats for his up and coming artist. I also had the opportunity to be managed by him, but I chose to past all this up.
Where do you record your music?
All hits are made in the wonderful lab of Acrobat Entertainment located in South Carolina.
Who does production on most of your songs?
Believe it or not I am the producer/artist. I do everything from making my beats, sound engineering as well as writing my own lyrics. I guess you can call me the ďRenaissance WomanĒ, because I can pretty much do it all. I love challenges and music does just that for me. On occasion I may work with other producers
Did you teach yourself to do studio engineering?
Yes, It was always fail or prevail and because I refuse to lose, I chose to learn what it takes to be the best at whatever I do.
What equipment do you use for music production and recording?
The major basic ingredients are; sound mixing software (pro tools) or whatever the engineer is comfortable with using. A powerful computer (Sony or Apple), a condenser microphone (which ever work well with your voice), an excellent mixer (phantom powered depending on the requirements of the sound recording items utilized), a pair of dynamic headphones and last but not least monitors that gives you that excellent sound quality.  These are the combinations my partner and I generally use.
Have you been performing anywhere lately?
Lately, Iíve focusing on making music that people of all aspects can not only relate to, but love to listen to. Eventually I do plan to book shows, because I feel itís only right to my fans, so now itís time to put it in over drive!
What can we expect from you in the future?
More hits and eventually nationwide performances.
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