What is the Hip-Hop scene like in Australia?
The local scene in Australia is growing. We have allot of urban music being played on radio and TV here. The only problem with it is that most of the stuff being played here is from overseas artists and not from local acts. We have been pushing our brand out here really hard and been doing it independently. We have been fortunate to jump on national tours out here with: 50 Cent & G-Unit, Lil Jon, Naughty By Nature, Omarion, Joe and FatMan Scoop.
Are you looking forward to the Sydney and Melbourne Konvict music tour shows?
We cant wait for the Konvict Music Tour- we are so excited about this as we are releasing our new single "Flaunt It" in the ticket price. We are looking at moving 20,000 singles on this tour alone. So we are so pumped. What is most exciting is the fact that we will be able to meet Akon and T-Pain- they are such amazing artists. We have interest from several major labels and just off this tour alone our profile is being raised immensely.
Who does most of the production on your music?
We have a team of producers and musicians that handle our production. They include MVPs (Most Valuable Producers) and the MiddleMan. We start our recording process from scratch with musicians laying down the beat/ instrumental- to us what is key is get professional musicians who are experts in their field.
What Australian artists are huge right now?
Jessica Mauboy is big out here right now. She did a big record with Flo-Rida that was huge over here.
Who from America is big in Australia?
The artists that are huge include: 50Cent, Eminem, Akon and Lil Wayne.
Tell us about your CD "Audio Therapy".
Audio Therapy is our debut album. We put allot of work into it. The album is quality and we had some of the best musicians in the country work on this album. The first single is called 'flaunt it' and it is available NOW on itunes. We will be releasing a full animation video to this single 'flaunt it' really soon. Our concept for the album was therapy and we have some nice club joints, slow type ballad songs and overall nice quality vibes.
Do you sell Cd's at shows or do you give them away?
We have our music selling in the stores. The tour with Akon and T-Pain we releasing our single in the ticket price.

We have done shows though where we handed out free music- for example the tour we did with Omarion and FatMan Scoop every person who attended got a free copy of our MAXI SINGLE which featured Glasses Malone, Spider Loc and Gail Gotti. With all the music we make we focus on quality so whether its free or not you are gonna get quality.
Is the recording industry suffering right now in Australia like it is in America?
The recording industry is suffering here in Australia. We are fortunate to have a good team of people and our label heads- Prince and Scott from TOTW (Taking Over The World) who have come up with smart ways to make money through our music. For example doing big tours and releasing your cd in the ticket price is a huge thing. People don't have to go to a store to buy it they get given your CD and you get to tap into other big artists database. I think with the climate the way it is in this business you have to be open to change and we are definitely open to change.
How is feedback from your new single "Flaunt it" been?
Feedback has been great! I mean we are just starting to service it to radio now and the song has been getting added to some stations already. The nightclubs out here have been flooding the track like krazy.
Any last words?
We appreciate all the support- we love making good music so we hope y'all can embrace us and enjoy our sound. We would also like to give HardcoreJamz a big shout-out!!
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I never knew Australia had such hot artists.
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