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Ravenis Prime

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Your style of Hip-Hop is almost a dark singing style of flowing that is very unique on some of your songs such as on The Hard Way. How did you come up with that style? I would like to think of my music not as dark but introspective in that the content is all reality based. In life, I think there is no real decisive black and white but more of grey shades with out pain there is no happiness and I like to explore both extremes.As for how I came up with my style I basically rapped for 13 years in order to learn how to write what I feel. I felt like I had done all there was to do with normal Hip-Hop and I had a stronger song to sing than rap allows me to do.At this point I like to consider myself "genre free" every song has a different feel to it depening on the message I am trying to get across. 

What is the indie Hip-Hop scene like in New Jersey?  The indie scene in jersey is very limited most people know me from more anthem based songs like "Who you think you dealin wit" and because thats what they're used to thats all they want to hear. So the web gives me a forum to experiment more and get more honest feedback on some of my more alternative music.

Who handles most of your production and who mixes your songs?  I have a team of producers called noetics that does alot of my production but sometimes I will turn to the web and search out  producers like "Vibes" that specialize in alternative type tracks. As far as the mixes, I mix all my own music because nobody knows where I am truly trying to go but me so in order to maintain the integrity of the song i handle it myself.

Have you been doing any shows?  Yes. I perform fairly regularly during the summer and spring mostly local clubs and the car club circuit but im currently looking to be picked up on bigger tours.  When listening to your music, it seems you have been through a lot of hardship. What events happened in your life that fuels your lyrics? I think everyday life fuels my music. I dont think I go through anything different than everyone else I just try to share a little more than most are willing to. I feel like the closer I get my fans and listeners to the real me the more they'll want to here for me nothing is off limits.

What kind of music do you listen to in your private life?  I have an eclectic music collection I listen to everything from "Hov" to "System of a down" and everything in between, but when I am in music making mode, I shut everything out so I have no influences slipping into my music.

Are you the type of artist that has tons of songs recorded and stashed away or do you just record each album one at a time?  I have a huge stash of songs in the reserve but I release music as I think people are ready for it it's one thing to be ahead of the curve but it's another to make music that people don't get and sometimes puttin out too much music does more bad than good.

Do you sell more actual CD's or downloads?  I'd say more downloads on the off seasons but when I am performing I sell more physical cd's

Is it hard being an independent artist and a family man? It's very hard its kind of like having 2 completely separate lives and being 2 completely different people both trying to please everybody around you. I am not sure I have completely mastered that art yet but it is a work in progress.

What are your plans for this year?  My plans for this year are to drop 2 albums 1 hiphop album called "I AM RAVEN" and and alternative album titled "THE HARDWAY" as well as putting together a full band and being placed on a national tour. This year i want to push myself harder than I ever have before. I feel like this is make it or break it time and I am trying not to be the " Greatest Story Never Told".

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