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Seven Story Fall
We had a chance to interview the band Seven Story Fall. Remember the name and check out their music because hard work pays off and this band is hard working!
Besides Hunter Kennedy, who else are original members of the band?
Right now they're are no original members but me,  but their names are Tad and Jacob and they played bass and drums. We started as a 3 piece band.
How is the current tour going?
We just got back from tour it was alot of fun, the booking could of been better but overall it was fun.
Do you tend to sell more CD's or downloads?
We tend to sell more cds than downloads, I don't know why we just do!
Many members of the band have come and gone through the years. Is it hard to keep a solid band together that has four members?
Does there tend to be tons of drama?
Yes, it is very hard because of the money that needs to be put forth and dedication isn't always there. We have had our share of drama for sure, its gotten real bad at points but nothing since this lineup has been around.
Where do you currently record?
We don't record at the same places but we are in debate between Geoff Rockwell,Eric Greedy and this studio in Massachusetts.
How does the song writing process generally work for you?
The writing process is me (Hunter) writing the layout then the others adding their parts and as we go we tweak it to sound right.
What is the release date for your next CD? Do you have a title yet?
We do not have a release date yet but we do have a title and this is the first time we've announced it publicly its called. "Kings and queens". The title directs towards the people who think they're above everyone else and the ones who are just overall stuckup and full of themselves and we basicaly exploid it in our title song and go against them.
Are all the current band members from Wayne,Mi? What is the music scene like there?
Brent, Stephan and myself are from Wayne. Shane is from Livonia. The scene isn't good its more sports and preppy wear around here, not that it's bad just doesn't help when shows come around.
With social networking becoming more popular than ever, which site would you say has really brought you new fans?
Has putting videos on YouTube helped?
Myspace for sure, we run that the most and promote it a lot. Yes, YouTube has  helped a bit but we need to put more videos up.
What can we expect from you for 2011?
We are hoping to be touring more and hopefully be under a label by then.
A new cd will definately be out
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