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We had a chance to interview Smitroc, a well polished, and smart Hip-Hop artist from California.
What is the local Hip-Hop scene like in Fairfield, California?
It's mass communication with one another.  I mean coming where I'm from, it's all about doin' it yourself, helping each other so we all could reach stardom, sticking together while people sleep on us, and just grind hard until you get where you need to be in the music game. Besides myself, you have rappers like Taj-He-Spitz, Icemeez, Shill Macc, Infamous Kaboo, & Mac Reese, who are all Fairfield superstars, grind hard just like any other hardworking artist out there to get their name out there. The hip-hop scene out here is koo, but were just gettin' warmed up. This is only the beginning.
At what age did you begin an interest in music?
I began an interest in music since I came out the slimy womb, since I was sayin "goo-goo, gah-gah", haha, you know? I did it my whole life. I was blessed by the man in the clouds that we all love named God, and he gave me a mouthpiece to use & tools provided to become a successful rapper. So you can say, I been interested in music, since I stepped foot on this planet Earth.
Who are you early musical influences?
Tupac Amaru Shakur, Rakim, Too Short, & any Westcoast rappers I grew up on. I admire these guys a lot. I really believe it's because of these guys, Hip-Hop took an exciting turn in the genre. Sugar Hill Gang was a start, don't get me wrong, but later down the road, these rappers inspired people in their own  way and it affected the Hip-Hop community forever.  Example: Because of Rakim, everybody wanna be a rhetorical & metaphorical rapper, because of Tupac, may he rest in peace, everybody built a character inside of themselves & feel like nothin' can stop you. Too many traits Tupac left for us before he deceased. Too Short is famous with the profanity word "B****", and it impacted the Hip-Hop culture in a way to where nobody can say it like him. He is known for that sinister heavy bass line in his songs, his flow was smooth and catchy, I mean I see him as an uncle in the game & any other artist whose older than me.
Where do you record and what producers do you work with?
I record at my headquarters called Rockman Studios. There are over 7 people running the studio there besides myself. It is our bat cave, our lion's den, our memory bank. It's more than just a studio to us. As far as producers I work with, it's a variety of people. My cousins and I work together, producers I don't even know who are a fan of my music send me beats, I mean I like hooking up with all types of producers. I am looking forward to hook up with Dr. Dre & Drumma Boy in the future though....I see how my future project gone sound *rubbing hands together*.
Can you tell us about the group B.O.S.?
Well B.O.S. stands for Bust-On-Sight, & it was formed by my cousin-like potna name Demos DaSqav. It used to be a bunch of us, but it broke down until 3 of us, Demos DaSqav, My childhood brother-like homie name Trilla, & myself, were the consisting members. I know the name sounds controversal, but were not the stereotype thugs people think we are. It has many meanings behind it & I will continue to address what B.O.S. means to folks who keep thinking we about gunplay in our lifestyles or songs. If I am going to protect my family, I'ma bust on sight with some sort of weapon. If people approach me and say " I heard you is a rapper, bust something for me real quick", ima bust-on-sight with my lyrics. Bust-On-Sight is our way of saying "we make things happen instantly", etc. You pretty much get my drift on where I'm going with this.
You created your own indie record label, is it hard being a young man trying to come up in an industry that is over-saturated?
I ask myself that same question everytime I wake up from a great sleep. How am I going to get money from what I do? How am I going to step my foot in the door with all these dramatic major label deals going on? How can I count my own money instead of other people's money? I pinched myself 1 day and found an answer by lookin in the mirror a long time ago, long long long time ago. The industry is a paper towel to me: keep moving the towel so it won't over-saturate.
Do lyrics come easy to you, or does it take time for you to write a song?
Easy as makin' a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I write 7 songs a day. Some artists have certain techniques that help them make a song. Some need motivation to help them come up with words. Hell....some need to smoke weed to even come up with words. Doesn't take long for me to come up with a lil sum sumthin'.  I have my own motivation and technique. It's not a secret. I'll tell you how I come up with subjects so quick and what-not. All I need is dedication....that's it...that's all. The rest comes into play. Since I was born to do this, it's my destiny to do these kinds of things.
Have you been performing any shows lately?
It's been a while since I performed because I was behind the scene of my music, taking care of musical pursuit priorities. But I will be back on stage again. Real soon. Best believe that.
What music do you listen to in your private time?
All I listen to is me. Never heard of him or her because I'm too busy listening to me. Go head and call me cocky, arrogant, conceited, jaunty, brassy, what's that word I'm looking for?....oh yeah...self-assertive. I can go on for years. I have the given RIGHT, not left, RIGHT to listen to me me me. It helps me critique my own craft and sound better on the next song I make. And plus, I love what I say in my songs. I mean come on...I go hard hahahaha.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Y'all can expect  a lot from Smitroc "DA TWINKYSLAPPA". Expect a smile on your iPod's face when Smitroc is syncing in with it. Expect me to still be me and not changing no matter what. Lastly, expect me to make music y'all can relate to on a daily basis.  "ONE VERSE, NO HOOK" mixtape will be released this year!
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