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What influenced you to get into music? 
I grew up around a lot of music as a kid in Detroit, but the movie Crush Groove, is what made me start as a Rap artist. When LL cool J came in with the radio and started rapping, that was it, I have done music ever since.

What area of Detroit did you grow up?
At a young age i lived on Ohio Street, close to Southwest Detroit, where my parent's were born. Then we moved to the west side on West Brook Street, then I attended Henry Ford High school.

The is the local Hip-Hop scene like there?
It is alright, but they have a long way to go....I will be moving out to Texas, due to the better music scene.

I read that you went to The Recording Workshop in Ohio, to learn studio engineering.
What was that like? It must have nice to be surrounded by other people who are like minded music wise.

It was a lot of fun, but I went there to brush up on my engineering skills. They are great for that, but a lot of people complain about their job placement. Just keeping it real that's what CoCky Does.
If you wanna learn engineering, it's a great school for signal flow, but if you think you are getting a job from there so called placement, don't count on it.

Since you write, produce and record, what type of equipment to you use to get music done?
MPC 4000, different work stations. I really dont like to give away everything we use at Street Noize CoCky. Lol Camp Secret.

When you release music, do you go all digital? Or do you get CD's manufactured as well?
Many artists are starting to release all digital now.

We mostly go digital, but if our fans want CD's, we will press them. Anything for our fans.

Do you perform live a lot?
We also are DJs, so we do a lot of private party's. We did Tech Nine recently as the opening DJ, we perform at shows if the promoter is working the right deals for our brand.

Being indie, what are your biggest obstacles when promoting and marketing your music?

I don't feel like I/we have any, that's why it's great to be indie. If i could say anything it would be the money for promotion and marketing, because everything comes out of our pockets

Tell us about your latest project.
We Just released a single called Color's In My Chain, also I have a single coming out in a couple weeks called Hometown Feat. Kid Money A.K.A. Street Noize Dollars.

What can we expect from you in the future? 
A lot more music and video's, and a merch line called CoCky Gear. we will continue to bring you real Hip-Hop, not Hip-Pop, so if you wanna hear watered down lyrics, we are not the place for you. We spit it
straight from the grind and heart of Hip-Hop.

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