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Talented Hip-Hop artist Tatum has new music and we had a chance to talk with him!
What is the Hip-Hop scene like in Virgina and DC?
It's crazy out here and everybody has a story to tell but really there is a lot of talent out here.We are just waiting to be seen and heard.
You have had some major tragedy in your life. Have your experiences influenced your song writing skills?
My father was killed in my front yard when I was young from a drug deal gone bad. I still hold that with me to this day and I can still see it happening. Then my mom got hooked on drugs really bad, so bad to the point she took my brother and sisters to social services and dropped us off saying " I DON'T WANT THESE MF'S NO MORE". Also being in the Army as a SCOUT I have been to Iraq a  few times (smh) and over there I have been shot twice stabbed once and hit in the chest and face by an Ied Bomb. So all of this goes into my music man.
While in the Army, do you still continue to write songs?
I do write music everyday as a matter of fact I write music more than  I write my own damn name!
Has becoming a married man and a father influenced the music you put out?
Yes, very much so. I got 2 girls and a son, having girls made me change my outlook on women. I don't put women down in my music. I don't call them b's or hoes none of that and I hope that my son would follow in my foot steps in that way with respect towards women and people as a whole.
Where do you record and who do you use for production?
There are a few places I go to around town, but most of my music I will say 95% of it comes from my own studio here at home. I make my own beats and I do buy beats from other beatmakers. I think underground beatmakers makes the best beats, they are still hungry and you can hear that in their music.
Do you release your music digitally only or on CD as well?
I do both and I have my 1st album out now in all the online stores called "A LONG TIME COMING" by TATUM. You can find it everywhere including Amazon, Itunes ect.
How would you describe your musical style?
Thats easy, I call my style REWIND <---  because i want the listener to be like what did he say, rewind that! I want you to hear my words. I stay on topic and I give my all everytime.
What type of music do you listen to in your spare time?
I like R&B the and gospel the most, crazy huh? Really if I like a song it doesn't matter what kind of music it is. One of my favorite songs is "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by  Aerosmith. That sh-- goes hard fam!
Are you performing anywhere lately?
I have been doing a lot of local shows this summer. I will be doing more out of state shows. I'm starting to get a lil' buzz now so imma roll with it.
Tell us about any new projects you have for the coming year.
I got the new mixtape out now "Hate Me No More" it's online everywhere, Datpiff ect. I'm on the Global Attack! Mix Tape Series is the first mixtape of it's kind to feature major acts with up and coming artists. Distribution through Island Def Jam Digital so you will be seeing more and more of me sooner than later.
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