Terms Of Service
We are gonna make this short and to the point.

Yes, we charge a small fee to put your music on our site. Why? Because it costs money to run this site.
We have a small staff that we need to pay. Keep in mind, For single song submission, it is $5.00 US.
This fee is for one song on our site. It will generally stay on our playlist for at least 4 months.
For multiple song submission, it is $10.00 US. This means you can submit one to two songs to start, then
one to two songs a month for the life of the site. These are one time fees. You are NOT charged monthly.
Most music sites charge you for each time your song is played. So we feel we are fare.

Our music player can randomly play what is on our playlist, or a listener can choose whatever song they want to hear. So we cannot give exact times when a song will be played.

The listeners can vote on your song. If you have two songs on the site, they can only vote on one.
It would basically be your lead single.

We do not guarantee any music sales, website hits, video views, or song plays on other sites with our music promotion. We will put your music out there and do our very best to get listeners to the site.

Our site is simply a vehicle to get your name and music out to potential fans. Our site has been around for 7 years and we are proud of it.

We are not saviors of the music business, we may not do wonders for your career, but we will help it, and try our best. If you have any concerns, please send us a friendly email and we will get back to you ASAP.

We will not sell your music. We just put it on our site for others to enjoy.

You are the full owner of your music. We are not claiming any ownership to your music.

We will not sell your email.

We are not trying to rip you off, all of us here are indie musicians. The fee is to keep the site running.

We are here to help promote your music.