Thin C
Thin C has been around for years producing, writing, singing and rapping with the Mo' Thugs Family. You can also see him in the new Bone Thugs video "Rebirth". We had a chance to talk with this well rounded recording artist!
How did you get hooked up with the Mo Thugs Family?
Back in 1992, one of my best friends Big Mark Seymore found out I not only was a musician, but I produced dope tracks as well. Flesh-n-Bone just so happened to be a very dear friend of his as well so he decided to introduce us on some let's go hoopin at the park. After about a year of just being cool and linkin' up on some rec/get high shit, Mark told Flesh I did beats. Flesh was kinda blown away because we had hung tough and nothing had ever been said. Well once he heard my beats things just started rollin' a bit from there in context of workin with him and developing groups that were under his wings and the whole induction thing started from there.
You have some production credits under your belt. Can you give us a quick run down of who you have produced for?
Well mostly and willingly I've stuck with producing records for the fam, Mo Thugs, Bone Thugs, Thug Line and 7th sign. It's been a blessing to do so all this time on a non exclusive basis. Val Young the vocalist on Tupac's To Live and Die In LA, played a huge roll in introducing me to Boby Womack, Rick James, who took me in as his God Son, and Teena Marie, all of whom i've produced records with.
You have a cousin named Thick C. Will there be a new album featuring the both of you?
If the demand is high enough for a new Thick & Thin C album, yes we'll go back in and record a new one. We are a group for life no matter what because we are blood and thats the way it goes.
What happened to other Mo Thugs artists in the past such as Powder P, Souljah Boy and Lil Chico?
I would say they are doing their own thing now and enjoying it. Life takes turns for everyone and when new and big responsibilities fall in our laps, we have to do what we have to do to handle them and sometimes that requires stepping away from the freedom of doing what you love. Lil chico still reppin' Thug Line fasho.
Is that you in the new Bone Thugs video?
Yeah thats me singing the new Bone Thugs single "Rebirth" and doin the performance in the video.
Do you still live in Cleveland?
I call myself bi-coastal because i still own a home out in the heights of Cleveland and in Encino, Los Angeles. Due to where things pop the most for my line of work, I'm in Cali a large portion of the year.
Where do you usually record?
For some reason when recording my own projects, I still love getting the vibe started from the studio I built in Cleveland but in the end I wind up finishing from my studio in LA. For other projects I record mostly in LA.
It seems like everything is coming full circle with Bone having a new Cd with all the members on it. What can we expect from Mo Thugs this year?
Man, we got huge things goin' on with the Mo Thugs. Bones new album "UNI5 The Worlds Enemy" on which I produce and feature, comes out April 27th, My solo album "Dispensation" comes out this June, Mo Thugs 5 "The Take Over" , Layzie, Flesh & their younger brother Stew Deez droppin' The House Boys album, Big Sloan droppin KHAKIS&CHUCKS, my group Mighty LDT droppin the "Dysfunctional Functional Family" album all coming out this year as well. We gettin' sick wit it yo!!
How is your CD "Cut The Check" doing?
Cut The Check got leaked way back so I let that really become like a mixtape. Lost total interest in that project when the leak happened lol. Now myself and Cool Clyde Drake are rockin out on the "Dispensation" my new solo album.
What other projects are you working on now?
I'm in production on all the new Mo Thugs Projects I mentioned at the same time as my own.. lol, It's a lot but it's what I do and why my whole life evolves around music business. Out side of fam time I'm mostly in the studio gittin it in wit my thug fam. I'm hoping my peeps here at drop my new single "CAME TO GET HIGH" into heavy rotation. HARDCOREJAMZ HAS ALWAYS SHOWN ME HUGE LOVE so yall make sure to support what they bringin to the game yo.
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