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What is the local Hip-Hop scene like in Canton Ohio?
Rising Hip-Hop artist Vessel is focused and ready to let you hear his music. Check him out!
In Ohio the music scene isn't really vibrant. Columbus, Akron, Cincinatti is where the bigger shows are usually but most people start off in their hometown and venture to the more popular states for music. ATL, New York, Cali, etc. My city has mad talent though, just needs to be noticed.
Growing up in Ohio, who were major musical influences to you?
Of course Bone Thugs-N-Harmony from Cleveland had everybody in Ohio bumpin'. You had Bow Wow's debut when I was still in Elementary going into Middle school and everybody rocked wit his latest stuff whether they admit to it or not. In my city we bumped alot of Luni Coleon and Rich Da Factor, Twista and I always had the Jay-Z cd's on deck. Dipset when they dropped Diplomatic Immunity. A local group my brother started in called CMH(Canton's Most Hated) which ended up becoming Money Gang.
LL Cool J, Nas, every single Tupac album. Which is where I get my "real talk" / "soul" music that I write.
Fabolous, State Property(Chain Gang cd)
Kanye West when he debuted. 50 Cents(Get Rich Or Die tryin) . Ludacris and Snoop, E-40. But mostly East Coast , Southern, and MIdwest rappers.
You are more of an encouraging/positive Hip-Hop artist. Have your experiences in your past made you a stronger person?
My experiences have made me stronger I'd like to think. As you can see my influences were all artists who people wouldn't really agree to as being encouraging /positive rappers, but I turned to their music when I was down. One of my favorite cousins was killed comin out of a club in 2003, he always believed in my potential. Three months later my mother died due to a drug overdose, I was in a group home at the time bumpin' Teardrops and Closed Caskets by Tupac and the Outlaws when I was sent home for the funeral. So I vowed to never sell dope, and to watch my surroundings when I'm out. Going through the foster care system I gained wisdom from my circumstances, learned how to read people, and my skin was "thicker" than average. From family who always talked bad about me, to ex- girlfriends it all affected me somehow. The more I take into account the fear of God the more stronger I am , which enables me to talk about things in my music without cursing you out, and still make you feel where I'm coming from.
Is it hard to make it being a more positive artist when Hip-Hop is dominated by more ruthless artists who talk violence?
Yeh, it's harder for now. But I think were leaning towards wanting to hear more substance. If you listen to Nicki Minaj and Drakes song Moment For Life, it has a decent angle. It makes you question, am I living? or am I just breathing to death. Nicki always uses bibilical characters in her raps. Adam, Eve, David &Goliath. Drakes shows are said to be about showin Love. Him and Jay-Z made that song i think entitled We Off Dat, basically saying that the old way of living is over with. Flashy this, fighting in the club, etc. Thing is someone like me whose tryna make that my foundation will have a harder time being heard becuause it's how I start off. Whereas; Jay-Z or Drake are already accepted by the masses so when they make a song that makes some sense it'll be accepted quickly. J.Cole has a more conscious/ real talk vibe too. I'm just that to the extreme of placing God directly in it. My time is coming, people need to be uplifted, life is rough.
Where do you record?
I record anywhere I can get it off my chest. I started at a homies house, been in basements, bedrooms, etc. I even will go on the internet and look up local studios I may not know about and pay them.  But it's usually a friend, either in Ohio, or In Oregon where I currently reside.
Who produces your music?
No one in particular, whoever I record with and of course I always have my input on what I want to do with it.
What type of music do you listen to in your private life?
I listen to Alternative, I'm into melodies, worship music (Good fa da soul), R&B. Gospel and Secular. Plus all Hip Hop...depending on my tolerenace that day.
Are you performing anywhere lately?
No. Here in Oregon and haven't really made the connects and stepped on the scene yet, but im comin'.
What other Canton artists are hot right now?
Klark Kent is hot, look him up on has a mixtape called "Legendary Rockstar" that's a few yrs old but bangs hard. His camp and affiliates go in. You got my homies, Jeyvhon Clarke a.k.a Trendsetta, Testimony, Tri-Beezy, and the H.O.F. Saints.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Expect me to make you think. I have a song I'm gonna push called Sticks and Stones about how words really do hurt and we were taught wrong about that. Basically watch me change communites, people, everything. The potential people use to see in Pac to lead and influence is what to expect from me. Expect to see me "cool" with secular artists because in my eyes they are my bro's and sis' just like the Gospel Artists. I believe if you can show them genuine love and not legalistic religion...they can change, and/or change their music. I'm going to make people appreciate RAP, and realize how it can be used to impact the world we live in.
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