Exclusive interview

#YaBoY D-Maxx100

Hip-Hop artist, #YaBoY D-Maxx100!

Did you grow up in Long Beach?  Born and Raised. 

What inspired you to get into music? I've been writing since I was twelve years old, but I got inspired by 2Pac and Nipsey Hussle.

Do you produce your own music? Yes!

What is a songwriting session like for you? Perfect, I enjoy making music, creating new things so the world can see. 

Where do you record? Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  

What is your local music scene like in Long Beach? Supply and demand.  

Do you ever write for other artists? Yes, sometimes .

Has Covid19 affected your music at all? No, we are in the process of recording new music now.  

Tell us about your latest project. #OoWeeChallenge  

What can we expect from you in the future? Always good music in all genres. Follow me on Instagram @1ts.YoBoY.


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