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Detroit's own, Young Rocc. Get hip now!
Growing up, what influenced you to want to be involved in music?
My parents and other family members, always had music playing around me growing up. Mostly old school R&B. Later on in life, artist like Slick Rick, Public Enemy, NWA, Rakim, Ice Cube, Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie and many others influenced me.

Years ago you were in a group called 781. What did you learn then, that you put to use now as a solo artist?
I learned that the music business isn't good for friendships.

Tell us how Bottomline Entertainment was started.
I wanted to have control over my creative process, as well as gain the maximum benefit from my musical creations, so I started my own label.

Where do you record?
I record at numerous studios from Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, and Savannah. At the moment I've been doing most of my recording in Atlanta, Georgia, at a studio called No Tamin Studios.

Who handles the production side of your music?

I utilize many different producers, but I give the final approval to all of the tracks that I rap on.

What is your process when writing a song?
I come up with a subject or go off of a mood that I'm in. I listen to the beat on repeat, and I construct my songs line for line. If I get tired or uninspired by the beat, I come back to the song a later time.

Do you perform live often?

In your own personal time, what kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to many different genres, but I'm really into Rick Ross and Jay Z.

Tell us about your latest project.
I have 3 projects that I'm finishing up at the moment. Two mixtapes, and my new CD release. My album titled Murk Music, is going to be released with a straight to DVD movie, with the same title.

What can we expect from you in 2017?
Expect a mini movie and 3 CD releases from me. In 2017 I'm just trying to build up my fan base and expose as many people as possible to my sound. We make good quality Hip-Hop music, and with so much garbage out here at the moment, I feel people need an artist like myself to break through.

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He is hungry, dedicated, business minded, and ready to take his fan base to the next level!